Adding posts to a blog session and evaluation

Haverfordwest Ladies Choir wish to be able to manage a WordPress blog to publicise themselves.  A number of members are interested in acquiring the skills to accomplish this.

Lesson plan at Google Docs

The learners who attended were self selecting so had quite good levels of digital literacy.  By discussion in previous session I knew that all were comfortable emailing, searching the web and were aware of username / password protocol.

As well motivated learners all had prepared some text and images so I did not need to provide my dummy materials.

There was some confusion over the difference of posts and pages so we will cover that in a later session when we look in more depth at planning.

I was pleased with how the session went.  I wanted to take a very gentle approach and limit the session to the subject in hand as a number of learners seemed to have low confidence and felt a blog to be beyond them.  I didn’t let the discussion get sidetracked and will build the questions that arose such as pages vs post into future sessions.

As the WordPress blog is cross platform and available outside of the classroom learners are able to practice in their own time.