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Jetpack me not

So today I wanted to show my daughter the delights of Jetpack.  A plugin for WordPress provided by  Supported by the WordPress community I feel Jetpack will be well constructed and with security in mind is a third-party item I can recommend with confidence.

Jetpack has many useful features

Jetpack Features include:

  • Customization. Make your WordPress site uniquely yours with Custom CSS, Carousels, spam-free Contact Forms, Sidebar Widgets, Infinite Scroll, and Tiled Galleries.
  • Mobile theme. Instant and customizable lightweight responsive theme designed for phones and tablets.
  • Content tools. Create and publish richer content with Post by Email, Shortcode Embeds, Markdown, Beautiful Math, Spelling, and VideoPress.
  • Visitor engagement. Increase your traffic and keep visitors coming back with Enhanced Distribution, spam-free Comments, Shortlinks, Likes, Notifications, Related Posts, Publicize, Social Sharing, Subscriptions, and Site Verification Tools.
  • Site performance. Speed up image delivery with the Photon CDN and access to visitor Stats.
  • Security. Keep your WordPress site up, safe, and protected with Single Sign On, Jetpack Monitor, and Akismet anti-spam.

Simple to add as for most plugins it is available through the WordPress plugin section.

After installing and activating it is necessary to connect Jetpack to,

Here is where we hit a brick wall – access denied.  The host has blocked access.

A quick search found

“Jetpack does not use a renamed xmlrpc file so it will not currently work on our servers owing to xmlrpc being blocked”

xmlrpc has been exploited by hackers so some hosts bock it.


Ah well then we found Juicer

Juicer is a simple way to aggregate all of your brands’ social media posts into a single beautiful social media feed on your website. And so it does.   We are starting with the free account that allows two social media sources. I will see how it goes and get back to you with a review.