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Assignments for Digital Literacy Practitioner

A requirement of this course is to answer the assignments in a tool new to the participant.

Using Learning Technologies, Tools and Techniques in Delivering Digital Literacy Learning.

For this assignment I chose OneNote.
Link to OneNote!AkPbv_TTITi7glwbTXjQ_WpA6bUS
(Lesson plan and links to resources can also be found at Google Docs Pivot Table Lesson plan as I have now found embedded Word doc in OneNote is not available with View permissions)
Note 15th July.  Link above replaced as Microsoft had broken original

Adults and Young People as Digital Literacy Learners

For this assignment I chose to make a Wiki

Reflective Practice in Digital Literacy Delivery

I am doing a WordPress blog to record my reflective practice.
Reflective Practice in Digital Literacy Delivery Blog

List of blog posts by title that cover points below

Understand the role of reflective practice when delivering digital literacy learning
Observe and reflect on the delivery of digital literacy by an experienced practitioner
Be able to reflect on own practice.

Delivering Digital Literacy

Understand the extent of digital literacy
Explain activities that develop digital literacy skills and knowledge
Using Sway

What is a digital footprint Observation by PLees
Motivation to learn new skills Observation by PLees

Be able to reflect on own practice in delivery of digital literacy sessions
Using blog

Assessment of Digital Literacy Skills

Assessments of digital literacy skills
Interpret mistakes made by digital literacy learners at different levels

Managing the Digital Literacy Learning Environment

Understand the range of environments in which digital literacy learning may occur
Be able to create an engaging environment for digital literacy learning
Be able to communicate with digital literacy learners