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Digital Responsibility session and evaluation

Delivery of Digital Responsibility to group of E3 learners.

Lesson plan at Google Docs

I was pleased with how this session went.  This particular cohort are hard to keep focussed so the session includes a taught and a skill practice element. Pinterest as a chosen platform is working well with this class.  The visual aspect assists the learners with low literacy skills. The taught session led to an animated discussion about what information needs to be kept secure. Having the opportunity to review their own online information was a good way of showing how people make different choices and the positive and negative aspects of these choices.

This cohort of learners particularly like Pinterest.  After the taught part of the lesson (60 minutes) time is available for them to practice their skills searching in Pinterest for items of interest.  They communicate with each other using the Pinterest messaging system. These activities greatly enthuse and engage the learners. Leading them to ask questions about more advanced skills such as filtering and targeting searches.