Choosing a reflective model and looking at the components

Reflective Model

In setting out to choose a reflective model I quickly found that there are a few well reviewed and used reflective models.  I have outlined two of the commonly used models below.

The model I have chosen to use to start my reflective practice is Borton What, So what, and Now what?.  I chose this model as I am comfortable with the straightforward nature of the three questions.  The What setting the scene and allowing me to be clear as to what I wish to follow on with So what? and then leading to the developmental phase of Now what?

Borton reflective model
Borton reflective model

gibbs reflective modelAnother model I looked at is Gibbs’ reflective cycle which can be simplified into the following six distinct stages to assist in structuring reflection on learning experiences.

  • Description
  • Feelings
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Action plan

I aim to work towards using Gibbs’ reflective cycle as I gain in confidence with and develop my reflective practice.

Reflective Method

The method I am going to use is a Reflective Journal. Keeping a reflective journal and using a reflective model will help me to

  • focus my thoughts and develop my ideas
  • help me gain confidence
  • experiment with ideas and ask questions
  • organise my thinking
  • develop my thinking skills
  • reflect upon and make sense of experiences
  • express your feelings and emotional responses
  • become aware of your actions and strategies

Another method I have looked at is Peer groups and Co-operative Inquiry.

A group of peers who meet on a regular basis to learn and reflect together can be a powerful supporting element of individual reflective practice. The group, which decides together how to use and organize its time, may discuss work-related issues, share learning journal excerpts or try out a form of collective reflective practice.

I was interested to read about this method of reflecting.  We at Learning Pembrokeshire have a (closed) Facebook Group that we use for communication.  Perhaps we can start to use this as a forum for co-operative inquiry.