Choosing and adding a WordPress gallery plugin session and evaluation

Haverfordwest Ladies Choir wish to be able to manage a WordPress blog to publicise themselves.  A number of members are interested in acquiring the skills to accomplish this.

Lesson plan at Google Docs

The learners who attended were self selecting so had quite good levels of digital literacy.  By discussion in previous session I knew that all were comfortable emailing, searching the web and were aware of username / password protocol.

Continuing to develop the Haverfordwest Ladies Choir website the learners were wanting to add a gallery page.

I was pleased with how the session went.  Having researched and added one plugin learners will now be able to add interactivity to their site by adding more plugins.

Demonstrating how to go about choosing a plugin worked well.  The list of criteria forming the basis from which we could work.  The large number of gallery plugins available demonstrated how necessary the planning phase was. Identifying key locations for accurate professional information will assist learners in managing their WordPress blog safely and efficiently.  The importance of clear tutorials being  available especially as a free product was being chosen was made evident when we looked in detail at some of the plugins available with advanced options.

As the WordPress blog is cross platform and available outside of the classroom learners are able to practice in their own time.