Digital Literacy Practitioner

I am currently doing the Digital Literacy Practitioner course.  I am working with colleagues at Learning Pembrokeshire.  The course we are following is the  Agored Cymru Level 3 Certificate for Essential Skills Practitioners (Digital Literacy). January – August 2016

  • Adults and Young People as Digital Literacy Learners
  • Delivering Digital Literacy
  • Using Learning Technologies, Tools and Techniques in Delivering Digital Literacy Learning
  • Managing the Digital Literacy Learning Environment
  • Assessment of Digital Literacy Skills
  • Reflective Practice in Digital Literacy Delivery

Reflective Practice in Digital Literacy Delivery Blog

As part of the course we need to formalise a reflective diary to reflect on our development as digital literacy practitioners. I intend to keep this going as it will provide me with an ongoing resource to help keep my teaching innovative and engaging.




We have been encouraged to use as many different tools as we can, especially tools new to us.  Here I review what I and my colleagues have used.  Look at the Evaluation posts for further analysis of tools used and how they performed as teaching aids.

Top 100 tools for learning 2015
Guidebook to the top 100 tools 2015

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