Understand the range of environments in which digital literacy learning may occur

1.1 Explain a range of environments in which digital literacy learning may take place.

As a group we considered where digital literacy learning might occur and this is what we came up with:environments

As you can see digital literacy learning is possible whereever the learner wishes to access their learning.  As a minimum a device is needed. Offline resources can be accessed anywhere. Online resources need an wifi connection.
My choices are in what might be otherwise wasted time such as on a bus or train. In safe quite environments such as a library and thirdly at home .  All of these require the learning to be available 24/7/365.  This becomes more and more important so that learning can be available life long and fit in with modern life commitments.

1.2 Analyse the characteristics of individual environments in which digital literacy may take place.

  • a) Bus or train
    Poor connectivity so need to plan what will be learnt perhaps downloading to device especially.
    Making use of spare time which would otherwise be wasted.
  • b) Library
    Quiet, safe, clean and warm
    Good connectivity to access learning resources and the web.
  • c) At home
    Familiar to learner
    Can fit in around other commitments

1.3 Analyse different methods of communication that can be used with digital literacy learners.

  1. Email – can be sent and read at convenience of user.  Can be to a group or individual  with individual or group collaborative responses.
  2. Instant voice and/ or video messaging –  real-time method of communication useful for constructive individual feedback with analysis of mistakes or individual tutoring to cover points of interest.
  3. Blog – written / read at convenience of user. Can provide detailed information available to a group.  Comments provide a method of feedback.