Evaluation of What is a Digital Footprint session


This session was delivered to my colleagues but aiming at a Level 1 skill level.
The two aspects covered were firstly information on what comprises a digital footprint followed by a digital information literacy practical to reinforce the knowledge learnt about Digital Footprints.

So What?

I was pleased with how the session went.  Students were interested in the subject, especially the potential for negative impact which resulted in some nice discussion.

The practical aspect of searching went well.  All chose good key words and narrowed their search appropriately.  This was needed especially for some with more common names.  There was some surprise about the results.  The fact that information exists in the public domain over which there is no control sparked an interesting debate.

I chose OneNote for this session.  I found the layout worked well.  I was able to demonstrate on the board and participants could access on their own devices.  For the session I used an editable link.  Using a google search to this website, where a link was located proved efficient. The link to the quiz was then easily accessed by all.

The one aspect that failed was I chose not to force a login to the OneNote.  This simplified accessing the resource but it transpired only 5 guest editor logins are allowed. I failed to find this information prior to the session, no limit was the information I had but I now presume that applies to logged in editors. This resulted in the sixth person causing an earlier person to be thrown out.  So if used again need at least some to have Microsoft accounts available.

I chose Socrative for the quiz.  This worked well.  No login required for students but a name can be entered for identification and the Room name can be simplified so this resource access went smoothly.
This was my first time using Socrative and I found it fairly intuitive.  I liked the different question types.  Socrative User Guide



Now What?

Invest more time looking at Socrative and build into further sessions.  Experiment with the different question types.

Try to find a collaborative tool to replace OneNote if accounts are not to be set up for learners.  The five maximum caught me out (I had looked in help and it said 25!).