Evaluation of Motivation to learn new skills session


I delivered this session to my peers at Learning Pembrokeshire who are also doing the Digital Practitioner course.  The resources can be found at Motivation to find new skills.

The title was “Analyse different factors that motivate adults and young people to want to gain digital literacy skills”. I decided to look at motivation in a more general context and then apply it to digital literacy skills.

I asked the learners to follow the session on their own devices rather than using the whiteboard. I wanted learners to be able to interact directly with the session.

I had designed the session to be available online, using 3 embedded resources. The reason for embedding was to simplify getting learners to the resources; just the one link. I posted the link into our Today’s meet page. Unfortunately this did not go as smoothly as I wished.  The link was not clickable.  Some had difficulty cop

So What?

I was pleased with how the session went generally.  Refresh of the resources meant it was hard to demonstrate and for the same information to be displayed on each device. This was especially so for the Google Slides presentation.

The quiz was an experiment so I kept it short.  I was pleased with it (WP-Pro-Quiz plugin for WordPress)

Now What?

Learn how to use the quiz for more detailed and effective questioning.

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