Pivot table session and evaluation

Lesson plan and links to resources can be found at Google Docs Pivot Table Lesson plan

I was very pleased with how the lesson went.

The chosen resource is presented in text and annotated illustrations, video and audio making the resource useful for learners with different learning styles.

The learning is reinforced by an opportunity to practice the skills covered. A file is provided for download and answers are also supplied for the learner to check their own work.

Students were able to navigate to the website. The clear navigation made it easy to find the resource independently giving confidence in returning to the resource again for own learning. Students were very pleased and very much enjoyed the activity and said that the resource would be of use for study at home and at work.

The resource itself, being a website does rely on internet access being available. A printer friendly version exists so it would be possible to print out a copy of the text and annotated illustrations and to save the practice file locally for use in case of internet failure.