Reflective Practice in Digital Literacy Delivery.

I am currently doing the Digital Literacy Practitioner course.  I am working with colleagues at Learning Pembrokeshire.  As part of the course we need to develop a digital reflective practice record. I have decided to do a reflective blog. This is it!

This blog will assist me with my personal action plan.  It will provide a place to record:

  • my experiments
  • my evaluations
  • allow me to save links to articles and resources on new technologies, techniques and tools I discover from my readings on the web.

I shall use this digital reflective practice record to practise

  • simple reflection (contemplation without necessarily having a purpose)
  • into critical reflection (contemplation with evaluation)
  • into critical thinking or critical reasoning (a balance of reasoning and reflection to assess and develop options and plans)
  • following on to action (implementation of the options and plans, possibly needing further research into solutions)

My personal action plan is to carry on as I have been doing for about a decade.  Keep reading, keep evaluating, keep upskilling, keep discovering, keep enthusing, keep smiling.

I have tried to formalise this into an action plan.